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Mortgage Overpayment: The £100pm Secret

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The £100 Mortgage Overpayment Strategy

In personal finance, small steps can lead to big leaps. One such step is the £100 mortgage overpayment strategy. It might not sound like much, but this little trick can have a big impact on your mortgage and future finances. Let’s see how adding just £100 extra to your monthly mortgage payment can make a real difference. 


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The Big Benefits of £100 Monthly Overpayments on Your Mortgage

Just a small increase in your mortgage payment, like £100, can trigger a cascade of savings.

For those in need of a mortgage overpayment calculator, Halifax Mortgages offers one that can demonstrate how impactful an extra £100 per month can be on your mortgage.

An Example to Consider

Let’s say you have a £200,000 mortgage spread over 25 years at an interest rate of 5.99%. Adding an extra £100 to your monthly payment could lead to savings of over £31,500 in interest or reduce your mortgage term by 4 years. That’s quite the saving from a relatively minor monthly increase!


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The Magic of Compounding

This strategy is powerful because of compounding. Every time you reduce your principal with an overpayment, you pay less interest in the long run and get closer to paying off your mortgage early. It’s like knocking down dominoes — one small tap leads to big results. 

Building Home Equity

Overpaying also means you’ll own more of your home sooner, giving you financial stability and more options for the future, like remortgaging or selling at a better price. 

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Get Tailored Advice

Simple an effecitve by simply adding £100 extra to your mortgage payment is an easy yet effective way to improve your financial health over time. West Wales Money can provide personalised advice to help you reach your financial goals.




Discover the power of £100 extra per month and how it can transform your mortgage.Whether you’re looking to save on interest, shorten your loan term, find better rates, or consider remortgaging, West Wales Money is here to guide you.

Take the first step towards financial savvy—reach out to us for personalised mortgage advice and unlock the secret to a more secure financial future today!

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