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The Magic of Mortgage Research

A graphic image featuring a magician’s hat with a wand and stars emerging, symbolising “Mortgage Magic.” The background is orange, and there is text at the top and bottom providing additional information. Have you ever wondered how much money you could save by using a mortgage broker?  Well, let me tell you a story about one of my recent clients who saved over £3,300 thanks to the magic touch of mortgage research!

Meet John and Emily

A young couple who wanted to buy their first home in Swansea. They had a decent income and a good credit score. They are a lovely couple, and they were bubbling with excitement about buying their first home and they were ready for homeownership. 💑🏡.

John is a company director, Emily’s climbing the career ladder in a national company, and together they’ve weathered the stormy seas of the Covid pandemic and managed to save a 20% deposit for their new home and regularly check their credit report.💑🌧️


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Financial Puzzle: John’s Income

They came to me after speaking to their friend who had used my mortgage services previously. I’m glad they did because I found out that John’s income is a bit complex like a financial Rubik’s Cube – salary, dividends, and profits. There was a catch. John had only been in business for a year, and we needed the help of specialised lenders who would consider his short-term business.

Mortgage Quest

They were looking for an 80% LTV mortgage with a fixed rate. They had done their homework and in their quest for stability, they wanted to get the best deals and opted for a 2-year fixed-rate mortgage.

Securing the Initial Mortgage

After some serious mortgage research and many conversations with specialist lenders, I secured a decision in principle and applied for their mortgage which was based offer an initial rate of 5.64%.


A scenic route with the words ‘FRESH START’ indicating a journey of renewal or change


Dreams Come True… Almost

They put in the mortgage offer which was accepted, they had the property valued and received a mortgage offer. They were over the moon and ecstatic doesn’t even cover it! 🎉💃

The Twist in the Tale

The mortgage world can be a wild ride, and I wasn’t done yet. I was fully aware that mortgage rates changed as most high street lenders preannounced rate cuts. The clients were not aware of these changes. 🕵️‍♂️✨

Work with a mortgage broker to see how mortgage research can make your dream home journey financially magical.

Seizing the Opportunity

That evening, I followed up and called them after they finished work. I explained to John and Emily that their lender had reduced their rates, and we could switch to the new rate, they could save money with this product. They readily agreed and I went back to the same lender, armed with my trusty mortgage research and secured a revised 2-year fixed mortgage rate. We received a  revised mortgage offer within days of 4.89%!



Counting the Savings

The result? A saving of more than £3,300 in the first two years of their mortgage! John and Emily’s dream home just got a lot dreamier!

Gratitude and Recommendations

Thrilled and grateful, John and Emily thanked us for finding them a fantastic deal and saving them money. They promised to recommend us to friends and family seeking a mortgage.

Our Commitment at West Wales Money

At West Wales Money, we love helping people like John and Emily achieve their homeownership goals every day. If you’re ready to embark on your financial fairy tale, contact us today!

And there you have it – a tale of caution, determination, and the magic touch of mortgage research.


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Mortgage research is the key part of a mortgage broker’s role. West Wales Money can access more than 170 lenders to get the best deals saving you time and money.  


Consider working with a specialist mortgage broker who will help unlock better mortgage deals tailored to your unique situation, this will  save you time and money. Whether you’re

exploring remortgages or seeking a quick decision in principle, reach out to West Wales Money today!


We can quickly compare thousands of mortgages from more than 170 lenders, getting results fast, better rates, saving you time and money.🚀


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