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Getting a Mortgage as a Limted Company Director

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Getting a mortgage as a limited company director can be hard work if you struggling with proof of income or do not have a big deposit. 

But we have good news for you. 

West Wales Money, work with more than 170+ lenders, which increases your chances of approval.  

You Don’t Need a Huge Deposit

A large deposit is a big challenge for company directors who want a mortgage. Many lenders want 20% or 25% of the property value, which is too much for most people. 

But we can help you find lenders who only need a 5% deposit. Even with a small budget, you can get a good mortgage deal.


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Showing a sufficient trading history for a company director mortgage

Showing enough trading history is hard for company directors who want a mortgage. Many lenders want two or three years of accounts, which is tough for new or young businesses. 

But we can help you find lenders who accept one year of trading history. This can give you more options and help you get your dream home. 

A longer trading history means more proof of your income

You Can Use Your Company Profits to Boost Your Income 

Yes, you can use company profits to help you on the road to getting a mortgage as a limited company director. Many lenders use a simple formula based on your salary, which is unfair to company directors who keep most of their profits in the company. 

But we can help you find lenders who use your company profits, not just your salary, to calculate your mortgage affordability. This can greatly boost your borrowing power and help you get a bigger mortgage for your dream home. 

A higher income means a better mortgage deal. But you can still get a good mortgage deal with a low salary and high profits by using your company profits to increase your income 


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 You Can Find a Suitable Lender to Get Better Deals

One of the common mistakes that company directors make when applying for a mortgage is to go to the first lender they find or to their existing bank. This can limit their options and prevent them from getting the best mortgage deals available. 

However, with our help at West Wales Money, you can find a suitable lender who offers the best terms and rates for your needs. We have access to over 170+ lenders, including specialist ones who cater to company directors. 

Of course, the more lenders you compare, the better the mortgage deal. But if you don’t have the time or the expertise to do the research yourself, you can rely on us to do the hard work for you and find the best mortgage deal for you. 

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You Can Work with a Specialist Mortgage Broker to Save Time and Money 

Working with us, a specialist mortgage broker, is the best way to get a company director mortgage fast and easily. We can give you many benefits that you can’t get by going direct to a lender yourself. 

Here are some benefits of working with us:

  • We save you time by finding and applying for the best mortgage for you.
  • Same-day mortgage approval, so you can look for homes with confidence knowing how much of a mortgage you can afford. 
  • We will search over 170 lenders for the most competitive rates to help you lower your mortgage costs. 
  • Save you hassle by doing all the paperwork, talking to the lender, the lawyer, and the agent, and helping you from start to finish. 
  • You have the flexibility to meet in person at home, at work or online.
  • We can even meet you in the evenings and on weekends, so you can get the help you need when you need it. 

So, company directors, consider working with West Wales Money because we have access to specialist lenders who provide mortgages for company directors, which increases your chances of getting approved. 

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In conclusion, consider working with a specialist mortgage broker who will help unlock better mortgage deals. They will quickly get you a decision in principle, so you know how much a lender is prepared to lend you. This enables you to concentrate on exploring properties within your financial reach.

Ultimately, partnering with West Wales Money, which has expertise in assisting company directors can be beneficial as we can access more than 170 lenders which increases your chances of approval. 

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